Being from the same family, i.e Cannabis Sativa, it is a little surprising to see that hemp and marijuana are two different substances. And the difference lies not in their experiences, but n their characteristic features.

When we say ‘cannabis’, we normally refer to the psychoactive experience that it comes associated with. This psychotropic reaction is caused due to the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Now, the presence of THC in Cannabis can go well above 28%, but it always remains less than 0.3% in hemp. That is one of the chief reasons behind hemp not being a psychoactive substance.

In this excerpt, we will be learning about hemp oil, and how hemp seed oil for pain is a popular pain alleviator nowadays.


Hemp Seed Oil- A Quick Flashback

Before going into why hemp seed oil is gaining popularity, let’s know more about the substance.

As the name suggests, the hemp seed oil is a product of the hemp plant. The extraction process of hemp seed oil is quite similar to the extraction of similar kinds of seed oils like sunflower oil or olive oil.

Such a kind of extraction process is known as ‘cold pressing’. Whenever any kind of seed oil is being extracted, be it hemp seed oil, or any other kind of seed oil, it is done through a cold-pressed oilseed machine. This machine compresses the seeds through high pressure, which makes the oils contained inside the seeds splash out.

Generally, after such an extraction process, hemp oil does not have any amount of CBD or THC present inside it. It is rich in fatty acids which makes hemp seed oil for pain a great pain alleviator.

Why Is Hemp Oil So Special?

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil has been very much popular since its inception. Why is that so? Well, obviously because of the range of therapeutic benefits that it provides us with.

First of all, hemp seed oil is rich in three kinds of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Alpha-linolenic (Omega 3), gamma-linolenic and linoleic (Omega 6) acids. Moreover, the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids is 3:1. Many researchers have suggested that this 3:1 ratio is ideal when it comes to health benefits in human beings.

These fatty acids work great, especially when there is an occurrence of injury and inflammation. To get rid of debilitating pain, hemp seed oil is one of the most important ingredients that pharmaceutical industries use in their pain-alleviating medications. They help to reduce inflammation and pain at the onset of application.

Other than pain-relieving properties, hemp seed oil is also known to work on the skin, improve cardiovascular health, and also help keep blood pressure in check.

Hence, these are some of the many reasons behind hemp seed oil being so special, and hemp seed oil for pain being a great pain relief medication.

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